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  • - Very nice house I can only dream of for my family.

  • - Lovely design! Could sure live in this home. You really did it this time.

  • - ....."INCREDABLE"............. .........."GORGROUS".......... .............."SEXY"..............

  • - Lovely home. Ordering my ticket now!

  • - can't wait to win it and then sell it to someone!

  • - Showhome looks lovely and I look forward to the virtual tour. The condo would be a delightful gift and I would be more than happy with such a gift. Good luck with the tickets and I hope you sell lots to support the wonderful cause.

  • - Incredible house - cant wait until i can walk through!

  • - I just purchased my ticket today and If I had the best of luck to win this Grand Prize Showhome. I will give $100,000.00 cash back to the Lifestyles Lottery as a gratitude. Yes, no kidding! This winning is huge and for me, it is worth giving back.

  • - Love, love, love this home. Went to see it on the weekend and it was beautiful, more so, than even the pictures show. Can't wait to move in !!

  • - THE place to live.

  • - Some lucky winner is going to be very happy!

  • - Beautiful house! Was the furniture all purchased in Calgary, and if so where?

  • - My husband, daughter and I currently live in Mahogany. If we won this home we would move. I would say that if it wasn't in Mahogany we would sell it and stay where we are. Mahogany is fantastic and it's just the beginning! Lovely home! Our fingers are crossed ;o)

  • - I have been a supporter of this lottery for a few years now...very well worth it cause and the house, even though I have only seen the photos...looks lovely!!!

  • - It is Beautiful.Please God guive me a Chance to have This House.!!!

  • - Holy Wow! We are big supporters of the hospital lottery program. When we visited this years grand prize home, you continue to exceed our dreams. Thank you for the opportunity to view this wonderful home in Mahogany. Keep up the great work!

  • - I guess I could get used to living here haha

  • - Lovely home! Large theatre room for the extended family and wonderful kitchen!!

  • - I love this house. I feel so positive when I saw this home. My future dream home for sure.

  • - Wow, imagine moved in by Christmas. The location is ideal and will cut down travel time to and from Strathmore and Coaldale for visits with grandchildren. A dream come true.

  • - will be purchasing my ticket on the 1st of November before 12 midnight. I would love to win this house...this will be like a dream come through....I can still continue to dream when I win this lovely home.

  • - Beautiful home. Have been supporting the Lifestyle Lottery Homes since it started, have not won yet but hoping to win this home this time. I will purchase a ticket.

  • - I would certainly have no problem at all living in this home. The living, dining area is stunning and the whole house is absolutely beautiful. Our 11 year old daughter has claimed the hockey bedroom as hers, should we win it :o))

  • - What a Beautiful Home! I wish and pray that i could win this house for my family.

  • - Spacious and simply Elegant.. Design is amazing.. very homely. This is where your life starts happens. - Viodie Lee D. Calgary, Alberta

  • - Wow. This would just set my entire life right up. Goregous gorgeous house. It's only going to get better with the new infrastructure being built around it.

  • - Wow, Super, Fantastic home, I don't care if I do not win the money for my ticket is going to a GREAT cause!

  • - Simply gorgeous!!! dreamy and great way to live life,eh? I hope our family wins this place :)

  • - I love the color palette you chose for this year's dream home! I pray that I'll be privileged to call it "home":)

  • - Good Luck to my daughter or us,beautiful prize!Regardless, it's for a great cause!

  • - Have a checklist for our first house and this one ticks all of the boxes and then some. Can't pass up a chance to live in this house!

  • - A truly amazing home ....imagine a brand new home and a ifestyle to enjoy in our retirement years. The grandchildren will especially love the theatre room, lake and walking paths. A dream come true for our family.

  • - We just had a new baby...what an amazing home and neighborhood to start off our new family in...we bought 3 tickets!!!

  • - Beautiful home top to bottom!! Everything from the supersized island to the spa like ensuite which feels like a private retreat. Thx for even giving my family a chance to win such a wonderful home :)

  • - What a blessing it would be to own this home. We have had a tough year health wise and to boot we have 2 months to find a place and move at Christmas. I have bought tickets every year since these lottery's have begun but never has it been so important.HB

  • - Heaven on Earth.....Going from a dark, small old basement to this house, would be my biggest dream come true!!!!! I have wanted my own house for over 15 years now!!! I really hope I win this time! I try to support and donate as much as I can every year, I am hoping this year I get something in return, to keep the flow of life and wealth going :) hehe Thank you!

  • - Donated for the first time this year for the sole purpose of donating as I have wanted to for nearly 10 years. So Excited!!! Finally looked at what is up for draws a few weeks ago and just looking at the house, I can hear my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day having a blast while there's food cooking and presents being opened. Finally went to go see the house and standing in the kitchen, I heard all the voices of my family laughing and chatting and catching up, I smelled the food cooking on the stove and baking in the oven, felt the warmth and the Joy in the house and heard the kids running and playing. Totally solidified everything for me to where I could feel every day life as well as the holidays in this house!!! I can't wait to get the key and move in on the 20th and give my family the absolute best Christmas EVER!!! Happy Christmas Everyone and Enjoy your families and your year end as well as your new year!!! I know bringing in the new year with my family and friends in this new house is the best and most perfect start to my new chapter in life!!! Many Blessings to ALL




  • - I hope it isn't actually green! However, that said, if someone tossed me the keys I would have no problem driving away in it. GO GREEN LANTERN GO!

  • - I wonder how much air I could get with this?

  • - Green is my new favourite colour! It is my dream, to drive a vehicle, not held together with duck tape:-)

  • - This is an amazing vehicle.. nice to see it in the the prize list!! One of the reason to enter for sure; let's hope I just made it mine!!


PLUS $5,000 CASH!


  • - This is the reason I keep buy tickets. I want the condo.....

  • - Nice Condo however it would be much better if the prize was in Alberta and encourage our local builders.

  • - This would be a fantastic getaway for my family

  • - Beautiful condo!!!! Would be a fantastic vacation not far from home!!!!!

  • - nice invermere condo. i like it

  • - Wonderful location, perfect to share with family!

  • - MINE....MINE...MINE :):) Could defiantly live here...have had my eye on Invermere to move to :) Fingers, toes and even my eyes crossed :):)

  • - We stayed here this summer and it was fabulous!

  • - We just bought our winning ticket from our Christmas fund ..imagine spending Christmas with whole family by fireplace in such a beautiful natural setting. Life couldn't get better.

  • - This condo is so beautiful, just the mere thought of giving to a worthwhile cause makes me sooo happy inside......hope I win this one.

  • - This looks great to me. Home away from home

  • - Aahhhh!... Peacefull retirement.

  • - Beautiful mountain get away. We love Invermere anyway. This would be perfect.




  • - This is the one!

  • - My kinda convertible!!!

  • - Looks Good!

  • - I'm voting for you, baby! I always wanted a convertible...why not a Porsche convertible?

  • - My kinda car but must say I like the hard top version as well. Rick M Calgary

  • - My dream car hope I get to choose my color of the vehicle Rick m




  • - Fantabulous!! I can just barely taste this delicious morsel; it's too bold a dream--more than any person can even imagine. Soooo, I will leave my post now so I can sit/lie down and dree-ee-ee-ee-eem away!! Mmmmmm

  • - I don't like any four door sedans but I LOVE this one!!

  • - Well, winter is coming and I guess we could use another all wheel drive. Somebodies gotta sell a snow plow kit for a Panamera?

  • - Superb car , classic style low key not too flashy , less is more.

  • - Professional looking, tastefully designed. One word for a car like this: "Success".